Spray Tower Detergent Powder Production Line

Adopt spray tower process. Product specific gravity: 0.25 ~ 0.50g/cm³. The product has good particle and component uniformity, good solubility and stable quality. The tail gas of the whole production system reaches the standard and no sewage discharge. Dry tail gas adopts dry and wet combined dust removal system, environmental protection standard, energy saving and consumption reduction. The design of technology is advanced and the plan is reasonable.

According to customers' requirement, we provide the plan, design, equipment supply, installation and debugging of a complete production line for detergent base powder production of 5000 ~ 25000 tons/year.

Process configuration from simple manual operation to central computer centralized automatic control.

We provide design,manufacture, installation and commissioning of a complete set of detergent powder equipment.

We undertake detergent powder production technical consultation and old line transformation technical services.

Our company has successfully provided more than 160 chemical enterprises with technical services and equipment around the world, including Unilever, P&G, Indonesia PT Wings, Guangzhou Liby Group, Nice Group, Nafine Group, Guangzhou Lonkey, Topseller Chemical CO., Ltd., Lipton Washing Products Industrial Co. Ltd. ,Nanjing Jiahe Chemical Co., Ltd.

洗衣粉生产线   洗衣粉生产线

洗衣粉生产线   洗衣粉生产线

高塔洗衣粉生产线   高塔洗衣粉生产线

高塔洗衣粉生产线   高塔洗衣粉生产线

高塔洗衣粉生产线   洗衣粉生产线

高塔洗衣粉生产线   Detergent powder production line

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