Spray Drying Plant History, Applications, Manufacturers

时间: 2022-09-21

Spray-drying converts a dry powder out of a liquid through rapid drying with a hot source. It transforms pump able feed from a fluid state into a dried particulate form by spraying it into a hot drying medium.

It consists of an atomizer, air heater, drying chamber, air dispenser, feed pump, and powder recovery and exhaust air cleaning systems. The three stages that occur in a spray dryer are:

1. Atomization

2. Moisture evaporation and Spray-air mixing

3. Dry product separation

The final product obtained after drying depends on:

· The design & operation of the spray dryer

· The physicochemical properties of the liquid

Spray-drying is the widely used process for thermally-sensitive materials in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Let’s look at how this process started with its significance and applications.


It might seem like the spray-drying plants are the invention of the new era, but Samuel Percy invented them in 1872. It was widely implemented during World War II. The dairy industry used it to produce milk for military officers.

Since then, it has been improved. Technology has enabled this process to produce free-flowing, high-quality powder from a wide range of materials, including soaps, fertilizers, clays, foods, and detergent powder production lines. Spray dryers can dry very quickly as compared to other methods.


The benefits of spray-drying plants include their ability to be fully automated and continuous. It has short residence times and suitability for both heat-resistant and heat-sensitive products. It is suitable for different kinds of materials, provided they are pump able.

It is also used for encapsulation and homogenization of active substances into emulsions. Hence, the product has improved functionality.


Spray drying is commonly used in food, pharmaceutical, and detergent powder production lines. Some common applications include converting fruit and vegetable juices into instant mixes and powders, drying dairy products and eggs, preparing instant teas and coffees, and encapsulated flavors and bioactive nutraceuticals.

Spray dryer plants are also used in detergent powder production lines, eliminating the need for other conventional methods. Moreover, it also facilitates the production process since it quickly dries the detergent.


MEIBAO is a technological professional company that integrates design, installation, debugging, and services of the complete set of chemical and petrochemical production lines, energy equipment, and oil and gas field industrial supply services.

It offers a spray tower detergent powder production line with good particle and component uniformity, good solubility, and stable quality. The tail has reached the standard and no sewage discharge by adopting a dry and wet dust removal system, energy saving, environmental protection standards, and consumption reduction.

Process configuration from computer centralized automatic control to simple manual operation. The company also provides the design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of a complete set of detergent powder equipment. They also undertake detergent powder production and old line transformation with technical consultation services.

The company has provided more than 160 chemical enterprises with technical services and equipment globally to successful organizations.

Spray Drying Plant History, Applications, Manufacturers

Spray Drying Plant History, Applications, Manufacturers

Spray Drying Plant History, Applications, Manufacturers

Spray Drying Plant History, Applications, Manufacturers


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