Spray Drying Plant: Process, Advantages, and Disadvantages!

时间: 2022-11-01

A spray drying plant is one of the most versatile solutions available in the market. This technology is used in many industries for poorly soluble small molecules. Since the spray dryer for detergent powder and pharmaceutical industries has gained a lot of popularity, we decided to give you a complete picture of how it works, its advantages and drawbacks.

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What is Spray Drying?

Spray drying is a unique process for drying emulsion, liquor, and suspending liquid. Spray drying is particularly suitable for drying polymers and resins, dyestuff and pigment, glass, ceramics, detergent powder, dairy products, fertilizers, and so on.

The spray drying process atomizes a liquid into tiny droplets into a hot drying gas — this process dries droplets into solid powder or particles. Then these particles are separated from the gas and sent to another phase of the manufacturing process.

Process of Spray Drying

The spray drying process consists of three critical steps:

1. Atomization: it is the first stage of the spray drying process. It atomized the liquid into a fine spray. The liquid can be anything; suspension, emulsion, or solution, and is atomized in a drying chamber. 

2. Drying: once the solution, suspension, or emulsion is atomized, the spray will go to the hot drying gas chambers. The hot gas causes the liquid to evaporate so quickly, almost instantly, turning it into solid particles.

3. Separation: the last step of the process is the separation of the dry particles from the gas.

Benefits of Spray Dryers

    1. The manufacturer can easily control and maintain product quality and properties through drying.

        2. It permits high-tonnage production in an ongoing process adaptable to a conventional Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

        3. It is easy to operate.

4. Liquids in any form of a solution, paste, emulsion, slurry and melt can be turned into powder if pumpable.

5. It produces powder particles of controllable shape, size, form, moisture, and other properties, regardless of heat sensitivity and dryer capacity.

6. It handles a wide range of rates and provides the manufacturer with fantastic flexibility in its design.

Drawbacks of Spray Dryers

   1. It is expensive and bulky to install.

       2. Because of its size, it is not easy to clean after use.

       3. It can not dry solid materials.

Manufacturer of Spray Drying Plant

MEIBAO Industrials are the wholesale supplier and B-side manufacturer of the spray dryer for detergent powder and other spray dryers. They export drying plants wholesale to big industries. 

MEIBAO’s manufacturing capability is the critical factor; with high-quality that reach customers’ demand, MEIBAO can fulfill any order. They can provide your business with a complete design and production line for several drying plants, including petrochemicals and daily chemicals. 

The process configuration varies from manual operation to centralized automatic control. The company undertakes old-line reconstruction and technical consultation services to satisfy customers.

MEIBAO has successfully created a complete production line of detergent powders, sodium silicate, sulfonic acid, liquid detergent, petrochemicals, and so on. The company’s products are exported to India, Burma, Indonesia, Tanzania, Jamaica, Ghana, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Pakistan.

 Spray Drying Plant: Process, Advantages, and Disadvantages!

Spray Drying Plant: Process, Advantages, and Disadvantages!

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